Drone Survey

Advance Archaeology is fully licenced by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to commercially conduct drone survey operations.

Being RePL and AROC licenced, this allows us to fly in restricted airspace, for example, in close proximity to flight paths, cities and areas of public use.

Our utilisation of drone technology extends to spatial mapping of sites for engineering purposes and to reduce the footfall on cultural heritage sites; reducing impact and degradation. Spatial mapping of sites provides an accurate and relatively immediate overview of an area, that in turn reduces the field time required to undertake assessment in areas suitable for flight. 

We have been able to bring Aboriginal communities images of their country where accessibility or health prevents a physical presence and we have created documentary videos that showcase the beauty of Queensland and the many activities available (such as kayaking, camping and hiking).

Aerial photography and videography

Aerial photography and videography are taken in real-time, meaning your project has instant access to information to assess areas spatially and to record information for future review and use. Our images provide a different perspective on landscapes and construction areas that allow for interpretation by various stages of the construction process. 

Drone technology, its use within cultural heritage in Queensland is in its early stages and our engagement will provide several reviews where required to ensure our clients obtain the outcomes desired.