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Indigenous Urban Rejuvenation

A wonderful thank you to the students and teachers of Kelvin Grove State College who I ventured out today to see and celebrate their amazing Indigenous garden project!

Jagum means “garden”, land or Earth and Barrambin means “windy place”, a perfect marriage of native words used to describe the garden.

It was incredibly inspiring to see how the children had studied each plant to bring them to life for the visitors and describe their diverse uses. Presentations from the children where educational and delivered with the usual childlike charm which was a true credit to the college and sincerely respectful to the land and the culture and heritage of Indigenous peoples.

It was amazing to see the uses for the plants, from jams, cakes and beverages, to medicines and ointments. Wouldn’t it be nice if such plants were used in a more mainstream way, on our dinner plates instead of imported goods for example? Embracing a more traditional use of our native plant species will encourage respect of Australia’s Indigenous peoples. Understanding of their land and traditional practices brings about a respect for our environment in a much broader sense that is currently being utilised today. The guidance from Traditional Owners would be a gift in this regard.

Please leave any comments or let us know if there are local community events such as these that support culture, heritage and the rejuvenation of traditional land.

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