Interactive 3D Mapping

Wild Horse Mountain

Our use of drone imagery to create 3D mapping provides our clients with an accurate rendering of a site prior to, during and post development.

It also provides accurate information in areas inaccessible to pedestrian access where a detailed map of the area is required. 

We have utilised this technology in the past to demonstrate safety concerns in areas of extensive erosion, where a pedestrian survey of a site was not able to be undertaken, yet we were able to provide a full overview of the proposed works location. 

Our 3D mapping is also interactive, meaning that they are able to be manipulated, moved and turned for an immersive experience where pedestrian access is not possible or a demonstration of the area is required off-site. It provides a real life view of landscapes and developed areas that is not possible with current online mapping such as Queensland Globe and Google Earth. 

This imagery is only possible through the use of drone technology and our licensing allows us to fly in areas where traditional restrictions apply.