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Kondalilla Falls – Maleny QLD

Venturing up to the Kondalilla Fall at the weekend we decided to stop off at Baroon lake to take in some of the wonderful sites there.

The area is located 7km north of Maleny and covers a huge 72 sq km of woodland and of course the beautiful lake itself. Holding back 61,000 megalitres of water is the lakes dam which crosses the Obi Obi creek and primarily is used for the town water supply of Maroochy and Caloundra. Anglers, rods at the ready as bass, Mary River cod, golden perch and silver perch, while eel-tailed catfish and spangled perch are all stocked here.

Definitely worth a detour off the Backall Range tourist trail for a stretch of the legs and a breath of fresh air.

Next, we continued on to the falls which begins with an area perfect for a picnic to build energy before you begin the long decent. It was William Skene who discovered this area on his land while searching for lost cattle. He named it Bon Accord before giving it to the Queensland Government who, during the fifties, renamed it Kondalilla which is an Aboriginal word for running water. Interestingly Kondililla was adapted from the original aboriginal word ‘goongdalilla’. Not many tropical water falls found in the UK back gardens I assure you!

It’s your choice which trail you take as one is shorter than the other however both immerse you deep in to the rainforest, rich with amazing wildlife and the ever-present noise of falling water.  The tree canopies from the piccabeen palmspink ashhoop pines and casuarinas as well as eucalypts keep you nice and cool whilst you wind down the mountain side. This makes for a very pleasant walk for which at the end you are presented with a beautiful swimming hole and various areas to bathe and relax.

It’s clearly a very popular spot and whilst we were there it was abundantly clear the falls bring huge enjoyment for people of all ages. It’s amazing to see how this area is being respected and best of all enjoyed by all.