Advance Archaeology


Wonders of the Red Centre – Part One

There are moments in life when you’re presented with an opportunity. These opportunities can be growth, community engagement, educational or just plain fun! How we choose to respond to these opportunities can present us with experiences that will remain with us for our lifetime. This opportunity was once such experience…

Over the past four months at Advance Archaeology we’ve been working with businesses in our local community to put together a collection of donations of winter clothing for Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi Aboriginal Corporation in Alice Springs. Goodstart Early Learning Centres in Petrie, Kwik Kopy Strathpine, My Spirit (Old Petrie Town) and Pack n Send agreed to join us on our journey to play a small part in helping Waltja with the wonderful work they do. 

A collection of ten boxes was transported to Alice Springs for distribution to surrounding communities. We received an enormous response to our campaign and were supported by many people within our own community.  

Due to the amazing response we received, Kate and Linda from Goodstart Early Learning Centre in Petrie along with myself decided that as part of our journey we would follow our donations some time with the Waltja team and the remote community of Santa Teresa. 

Having never been to the Northern Territory before I was amazed by the scenery, landscape and abundance of life that greeted us. It’s truly a place that holds mystery, wonder and adventure, so we wanted to see as much as we could during our stay.

Amanda and the wonderful team we met at Waltja (Veronica, Christine, Charlie, Lenny and Jess) provide such a diverse range of expertise for the communities they care for and they were only too happy to show us what they do and where donations go when they’re received. The community of Santa Teresa is located approximately 85 kilometres outside of Alice Springs and is supported in many ways, allowing people to remain on country and work to support each other. We were first guests of the local primary school where we were privileged to see an assembly where the children spoke about what they were learning and how it impacted their daily lives. The church at Santa Teresa holds great significance to the community as a sacred place and houses stunning works of art by local people and is a place the community can come together.

Women were busy creating works of art in the healing centre where the potential to do damage to the credit card was high! I was privileged to meet the artist who created the bowl I purchased for my daughter.